2020.6.4🕯️遍地燭光悼六四 64Candlelight in every corner of HK

【悼念六四無罪 反對政治檢控 抗議政治打壓】➡️ 跟進事件消息

【🕯️遍地燭光悼六四 Candlelight in every corner of Hong Kong to mark June 4】

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2.⏰ 8時正 無論你身處何地,一起燃亮燭光
3.⏰ 8時09分 默哀1分鐘
4.⏰ 8時30分 集會結束
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1. Watch 🕯️ the June 4 Candlelight Vigil 📡 live at http://64live.org
2. ⏰ 8:00pm no matter where you are, light candles together
3. ⏰ 8:09pm one minute of silence
4. ⏰ 8:30pm end of assembly
5. Photos and thoughts at #6431truth for Facebook, Twitter ,Instagram , to show the united strength of people in Hong Kong people and around the world. visit Tag Wall: https://walls.io/i5mvq

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【「六四」三十一周年燭光悼念網上集會程序 31st Anniversary of June 4 Candlelight Vigil —Online Assembly Program】

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2020年6月4日(四) 晚上8時 Thrusday, June 4, 2020, 8pm, Hong Kong

8:00 網上集會正式開始,市民燃點燭光
8:01 播放錄像:「六四」31周年——香港人由支援到抗爭
8:09 默哀一分鐘
8:10 播放「天安門母親」群體成員尤維潔錄像講話
8:16 齊唱《自由花》
8:21 誦讀《大會宣言》
8:25 齊唱《民主會戰勝歸來》
8:30 喊口號:

8:00 pm: No matter where you are, light candles together
8:01 pm: Video – Hongkongers from support to our own fight
8:09 pm: One minute of silence
8:10 pm: Video – Speech of You Weijie, member of Tiananmen Mothers
8:16 pm: SongThe Flowers of Freedom
8:21 pm: Manifesto of Hong Kong Alliance
8:25 pm: SongDemocracy will triumphantly return
8:30 pm: Chanting of slogans:
Release the Dissidents! Rectify the Verdict on the 1989 Movement! Demand Accountability for the Massacre! End One-Party Dictatorship! Build a Democratic China!
Five Platforms Fight till the end
Oppose National Security Law
Oppose Guilts By Word

—集會完成 End of assembly—

【Declaration of the Candlelight Vigil on the 31st Anniversary of June 4】



「不自由丶毋寧死」。自由是「人之所以為人」的基本需求,是所有人權的基礎。法治是人民自由的保障 ; 民主是人民自由在政治權利的體現。中共的歷史正是鎮壓自由的歷史,是人民反抗暴政的歷史。



在抗爭的人民身上,我們看見希望。在抗爭的路上,我們見證著生命影響生命。 內地人民用生命點燃光明,無畏無懼;香港維園的燭光30年來沒有熄滅,放亮發光。讓我們今天一起高舉燭光,發出生生不息的亮光,燃點反暴政抗争的怒火。

釋放民運人士! 平反八九民運! 追究屠城責任! 結束一黨專政!建設民主中國!

Truth is like a magic mirror that unveils the evil spirit behind a human façade. Truth can even strip a tyranny down to its evil core. Truth is the arch-enemy of a dictatorship that rules with lies.

31 years ago, the June 4th Crackdown turned the streets and the square into a bloodbath. Now, here in Hong Kong, the unrestrained black cops are terrorising the city and brutalizing the protesters. Around the world, the coronavirus pandemic originating in Wuhan city of China has claimed nearly 300 thousand lives. The Chinese Communist Party/ CCP, as ever, dispenses fake news to cover up the truth, causing an ongoing catastrophe every country has to pay for.

“Give me liberty, or give me death”. Freedom is the basis of all human rights. It is what makes us human; it is guaranteed by the rule of law; it is manifested in a democracy by realising our political rights. However, the history of the Chinese Communist Party/ CCP is one that crushes freedoms and the people who resist tyranny.

People will not forget the monumental 1989 pro-democracy movement, where the people and students in China rose to fight for freedom and democracy. The Chinese Communist Party/ CCP, in defending its dictatorship, answered with bloodshed.

People will not forget the Tiannamen Mothers, their persistence in disclosing the truths of the June 4th crackdown.

People will not forget Liu Xiaobo, the advocate of Charter 08 for political reform, who was jailed then left to fall sick and die in prison.

People will not forget Huang Qi, who is still jailed for reporting corruption cases through running the website ‘64 Tiangwang’ and is now in danger of dying from severe health conditions.

People will not forget the human rights lawyers who made sacrifices for justice in the 709 crackdown.

People will not forget the labour activists in China who are unlawfully imprisoned for what they have done for workers.

People will not forget Doctor Li Wenliang, the whistle blower of the Wuhan virus outbreak who died from the disease.

People will not forget those who volunteered to reveal truths about the Wuhan virus outbreak, such as Chen Qiushi, whose whereabouts are still unknown.

People will not forget those who have been arrested, tortured by the black cops or even perished due to the ongoing protests in Hong Kong.

Tyranny infects and threatens humankind like a virus. I urge everyone in every corner of the earth who embraces the value of freedom to listen to the call from your conscience to combat the virus of tyranny. While most countries endeavour to contain the pandemic, the CCP unsheathed the sword with the tyrannical tool- the national security laws and imposed on these laws on Hong Kong by the National People’s Congress. This mark the end of ‘One Country, Two Systems’ and the freedoms the Hongkongers are entitled to enjoy.

On those who resist, we see hope. On the road of resistance, we witness the life of one changing that of another. In China, we see people who fearlessly risk their life to light up darkness; In Hong Kong, we see the candlelight at Victoria Park burning bright for 30 odd years. Let us raise our candlelight; let it gleam, let it fuel our fighting flames.

For truth, we fight to the end! For freedom, we fight to the end!
For life, we fight to the end!

Stop the national security laws!
Stop criminalising free speech!

Release all dissidents! Rehabilitate the 1989 pro-democracy movement!
Bring to justice those accountable for the June 4th massacre!
End of one-party dictatorship!
Build a democratic China! Five platforms, fight to the end!

【Speech of You Weijie, member of Tiananmen Mothers】












June 4, 2020
Dear citizens and friends in Hong Kong,

Today is the 31st anniversary of the June 4 massacre of students and civilians by the army in Beijing, China in 1989. As a member of Tiananmen Mothers, my heart feels heavy at this moment.

I cannot forget the sadness I experienced in those days. When my husband, Yang Minghu, heard gunshots late at night, he was worried about the students in Tiananmen Square. He left home and rode his bicycle to the Square by himself. At Nanchizi, Chang’an Avenue, he was shot from across the road by martial law troops who were pouring out of the courtyard of the Ministry of Public Security. The bullet shattered his bladder and caused a comminuted pelvic fracture. Citizens sent him to Tongren Hospital. I was with him in the hospital for two days, which were the two most painful days in my life. It was so painful to say my final goodbye to him! I wanted to save his life but I was so powerless.

At the Chongwenmen intersection, I’d seen the barricades and burnt trolleybuses that citizens had pushed to the middle of the road. As the army pressed toward Tiananmen Square through Chongwenmen, they were blocked by unarmed citizens who were fearless and courageous. Two days later, at the same location, the soldiers pointed their guns at citizens standing silently by the side of the road. A citizen who was sent to Tongren Hospital died from being stabbed in the heart by a bayonet from the back. I don’t know who he was, but I can’t forget him. I can’t believe the soldiers of a country could so brutally end the life of an unarmed citizen. He was not an enemy but our compatriot!

The Tiananmen Square incident of 1989 was nothing more than students opposing corruption and official profiteering, demanding democracy, freedom of speech, and fair dialogue between the people and the government. Yet they were cruelly suppressed by the government in cold blood! In a civil society with a civilized government, people’s freedom of speech is the norm, and the human rights of every citizen are sacred and inviolable. The government should protect citizens who freely voice their concerns, respect and protect the rights and lives of citizens. Otherwise, the government is abusing its power and putting itself above the law.

Hong Kong citizens and friends, thank you very much for staying with us year after year. You show concern about the situation of our group, offer your very best to help, and always keep solidarity with us. The establishment of the June 4 Museum in Hong Kong allows many young people to understand the truth about the massacre by the army. The Christmas greeting cards with messages from Hong Kong people not only inspire and support us but also comfort our broken hearts. The candlelight that commemorates June 4 at the Victoria Park vigil every year shows your determination to condemn the June 4 massacre. I remember my Hong Kong friend once said to me, ‘You are not isolated. We will not let you walk alone, and together we fight for justice for those innocent victims who have been killed.’

Although 59 members of our group who were relatives of the individuals killed have passed away, our struggle for ‘truth, compensation, and accountability’ will not change, and we will continue without wavering.

Since June last year in Hong Kong, protests against extradition to China continued for many months and millions of people took to the streets to protest. Similar to June 4, many of the protesters were young people. I understand very well that young people and citizens in Hong Kong adhere to the ‘peaceful, rational, non-violent’ approach when expressing their wishes and demands to the government. This is also within the scope of freedom of speech in civil society. Young people are the future of society. The government should respect and take into account the opinions of the people, reach consensus through consultation and communication, and resolve social conflicts by legal methods. I regret to see the subsequent violent incidents in Hong Kong, people terrorized by arrests and beaten. The violence caused chaos throughout Hong Kong society. As a person who experienced the June 4 massacre, I can say the slaughtering of the city by the army hurt all the people in the country, especially causing irreparable damage to the families of the victims. These families have since lived with the grief of having lost loved ones. I don’t want to see violence happening again. I condemn any act of violence! Respect for life, love of peace, and to live freely in one’s home should be, in my opinion, the pursuit of every life.

This year’s commemoration in the Victoria Park will be affected by the coronavirus epidemic. I remain deeply grateful no matter how you commemorate.

Hong Kong people, thank you for your support and attention! We have the same conviction. Through our joint efforts, we can restore the historical truth and seek justice for all the victims of the June 4 massacre!

You Weijie
Member of Tiananmen Mothers
(Tiananmen Mothers webpage: http://www.tiananmenmother.org)

✍️「八九六四31周年聲明聯署:真相・自由・生命—抗爭」 Statement on the 31st anniversary of June 4, 1989: Fight for Truth, Freedom and Life https://bit.ly/6431sign



忘不了的 年月也不會蠶蝕
曾經痛惜 年月裏轉化為力
一點真理 一個理想永遠地尋覓

但有一個夢 不會死 記著吧
無論雨怎麼打 自由仍是會開花
但有一個夢 不會死 記著吧
來自你我的心 記着吧
忘不了的 留下了不死意識
如此訊息 仍賴你跟我全力
加一把勁 將這理想繼續在尋覓

作曲:Anthony Kwong

白頭浪 默含淚光衝往世外
黑眼睛 觀看歷史哀怨跌宕
紅日降 正義藏在星宿背後
誰在笑 長夜伴著罪惡放蕩
萬劫不改的眼光 拿著帶鮮血罪狀
為國家 我捨身去擋
天有光 夕陽在催促要靠岸
風有聲 傾聽默想怎去破浪
明或暗 信念如舊清澈恬靜
寒或暖 赤了丹心流過血汗
忘掉地獄的火 有多燙
鋪天蓋 蓋不住世代
我自由 與天地 同在
萬劫不改的眼光 拿著帶鮮血罪狀
浪與花 護擁於四方
我自由 與生命 同在

關於「🕯️遍地燭光悼六四 」
About “Candlelight in every corner of Hong Kong to mark June 4″

Over the past 30 years, hundreds of thousands have lit candles in Victoria Park to commemorate June 4 and denounce the Chinese Communist Party’s massacre.


2020 is the 31st anniversary of the June 4 massacre and the first anniversary of the Hong Kong anti-extradition movement. The Hong Kong government has used the prohibition on group gathering for public health reasons as a pretext to ban not only the June 4 march on May 31, but also the June 4 candlelight vigil itself. It is attempting to extinguish the candlelight at Victoria Park and abolish the right to freedom of peaceful assembly.

On Thursday evening, June 4, Hong Kong Alliance will persist in lighting candles in Victoria Park and calls on all to light candles in every corner of Hong Kong and around the world.

Hong Kong Alliance hopes that the candlelight of Victoria Park will spread to every corner of Hong Kong and the world, that all will together condemn the Chinese Communist Party for the June 4 massacre, and that the Chinese Communist Party will cease its suppression of people’s struggle for freedom in China and Hong Kong.

【真相.自由.生命——抗爭 Fight for Truth, Freedom and Life】


This year is the 31st anniversary of the June 4 massacre. Hong Kong Alliance’s memorial theme is ‘Fight for Truth, Freedom and Life’. The bloody footprints extend from Chang’an Avenue to Nathan Road, smoke and debris float from Muxidi to Causeway Bay, and the shouts echo from Tiananmen Square to the streets of Mong Kok. This is all part of an unfinished story. In addition to suppressing democratic movements and civil society, the Communist Party also attempts to threaten the world through economic influence, the Belt and Road Initiative, and control of WHO to cover up its role in the coronavirus pandemic.

【維園集會被禁,支聯會財政雪上加霜!請大家踴躍捐款,繼續支持支聯會工作!The Victoria Park Rally is banned and financial situation of the Hong Kong Alliance is getting worse. Please donate actively to continue to support the work of the Hong Kong Alliance! 】

1.存入戶口: 恆生銀行 262-273-733-001;轉數快 FPS 8383242 或 匯豐銀行 580-108-934-001
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1.Deposit into account:Hang Seng Bank 262-273-733-001;FPS 8383242 or HSBC 580-108-934-001
2.The crossed cheque is payable to the “Hong Kong Alliance in Support of the Patriotic Democratic Movements in China”; cheques should be sent to: 618 Nathan Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon 8th floor, please indicate on the envelope “To Hong Kong Alliance Secretariat”


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